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The general regulation on personal data protection aims to restore control to citizens. It involves all government and administrative bodies, but also private companies and corporations that process personal data of European citizens.

Every company is obliged to comply with the GDPR requirements when collecting data from customers, partners, employees or in the process of selecting new staff, for example. We provide an opportunity to analyze company processes and bring them in line with the requirements of the Regulation.

The main steps in the preparation of each individual program are:

1. Preparation of basic documentation under the GDPR

2. Compilation of the necessary GDPR registers

3. Implementation of update procedures in case of change in company processes

We will advise you with the principles of personal data processing, the grounds and legal requirements for their preservation and use, as we will pay the necessary attention to the rights of citizens to create a procedure specifically for your needs. For a consultation you can find us here.

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